Monday, April 12, 2010

So Busy, But Great Surprise

While trying to figure out my own life, I happened upon a great undiscovered Etsy Artist. JMVdigital offers the Etsy world a unique look at American life. The works can be described most as nostalgic. I'm loving this American Dream.

"I want to call out, or call forth the specialness of life – even in loss, emptiness, plainness and decay. That’s why my photographs are often rich in color and bold with contrast. I’m striving for simplicity and a keen attention to details as I try to capture timeless, yet temporary moments. I’m trying to convey a mood, a specific perspective – a perspective that’s not necessarily part of our universal human experience, but a perspective that evokes strong feelings about the unique scenes in the world around us."
- JMVdigital


  1. I love the truck pic... the vintage steering wheel....

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  2. Beautiful photos. I especially love the last one. Turquoise is my favorite color, it always stands out and it always grabs me. Awesome post and very inspiring blog. I'm not only a new follower but a fan. I'll be back often.