Thursday, January 7, 2010

La Nourriture

Eating in Paris is expensive. One of our first nights here my friends and I walked into what looked like an excellent place for a meal, we were shocked when the waitress handed us the menu, we could not afford the prices! Thankfully a friend suggested that we share appetizers and wine, the waitress was happy with us, everyone tasted some delicious gourmet food, and we followed the entire experience with a trip to Pizza Panini for our real dinner... Lesson learned. Do not enter a restaurant if you cannot view the menu prior to entering.

My roommate and I have decided to start cooking more rather than eating out, I'm learning more about whats inexpensive here and whats not, more pictures and tips to be shared soon!

A simple salad I make in the apartment, make your own dressing
with olive oil, balsamic, garlic and a little salt.


  1. I visited Paris a little less than a year ago and I too noticed the high cost of food. I ended up buying food at the grocery store every day. I ate simply but it was delish and way cheaper than eating out every meal.

  2. :) The store ED is the way to go!

    What was your favorite thing you did in Paris?