Wednesday, January 20, 2010

On Self Fulfillment.

I have not been being completely efficient with my trip so far.

Reasons for not being efficient and making the most out of a trip.

1. Staying up too late, sleeping in too long.
          *self explanatory

2. Being cheap and handwashing and drying laundry.
  • Laundry in France is EXPENSIVE. 1 Euro buys you 8.5 minutes of dryer time. Simple solution... handwash and dry. Obvious right? Today I spent 4 hours handwashing and drying my clothes. 
  • Maybe my apartment is humid... maybe yours will not be... in any case... if you find you spend WAY to much time doing your laundry the first time... maybe it will be worth it to spend the Euros and use your time to go exploring... 
  • Simple Solutions...
    • Spend the Euros
    • Ignore all you have heard about packing light if staying for a long trip in one location... Packing light is very important if you are going to be backpacking through Europe and changing locations frequently... but I must admit I would have had no problem checking two big bags filled with 50 lbs of clothes each... and then leaving them in my apartment for 5 weeks before repacking and going home... The good news... I will be doing lots of shopping while I am here and buying a second carry on :)

Since my revelation I have been waking up earlier and making the most out of my trip more effectively! :)

Here's a beautiful picture of the Seine from the morning after I first wrote this post...

And a few more from my walks about the city recently...

A stand in point between a triangular cross section of two streets, passers by feast on fresh seafood.

Street art is very common in Paris, there is of course some graffiti but for the most part the street art is well thought out and gives the city character!

Small lake in the middle of Luxembourg Gardens, a popular place to take a stroll or run, even in the middle of winter.

Very behind in the blogging, still to come photos from Arles and the Camargue and more!

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  1. Looks wonderful, great photos. I particularly like the street art. Enjoy your trip!