Saturday, January 9, 2010

Off The Beaten Path: Rungis Marché The Largest Market in Europe




A visit to the Rungis Marché just outside of Paris is one of the most wonderful, unheard of experiences a traveler can have. Rungis, the largest food market in Europe, is the daily go to destination for many Michelin Star restaurants all across Europe. 
It is 2:30 AM and trucks are already arriving from Russia to stock up on the freshest crop of leeks. Rungis staff are scurrying around putting the finishing touches on the shopments of fresh caught fish. 

At the same time someone else is perfecting the flower display in on of the 19.4 million pots of flowering plants, and yet another is arranging fruits and vegetables. 

Many gourmet cheeses and meats come through the market as well, the meat section includes some extremely greart oppurtunities for photos, I will only post some of the more PG images I took on the blog however. In the actual market one has the oppurtunity to see all types, kinds and parts of poultry and meats hanging from the ceiling.

 Unfortunately my camera died before I made it to the fresh flower and foliage section. Although Rungis is intended for bulk purchase to restaurants and suppliers, the market offers tours. When I took the tour we were the only tour group in the whole market, it is a rare experience. 

In order to visit Rungis on your
 next trip to Paris visit


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  2. Gorgeous photos!! Studying fashion in Paris must be amazing, I look forward to following your adventures!

  3. Your photos are beautiful! I would have loved to see the flowers!